FAO grain 210 | silage 240 | grain type 2


  • high grain and dry matter yields
  • use: grain, silage
  • excellent agronomy
  • very good resistance to stalk rot


BAGIRO is a dual-use variety for grain and silage usage from the very early to early maturity group. BAGIRO achieves high grain and dry matter yields. The general impression is very good, its agronomic profile is excellent. BAGIRO combines an impressive plant height with only little breakage and an excellent lodging resistance. Its resistance to stalk rot is very good.

    Variety profile

    Helm. Turcicum*
    5 medium
    stalk rot*
    3 low
    broken plant*
    2 very low to low
    early vigor*
    8 high to very high
    cold tolerance*
    7 high
    lodging resistance*
    3 low
    plant height*
    8 high to very high
    Yield parameters
    grain yield*
    7 high
    dry matter yield*
    7 high

    Classification acc. to  AGES- the the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
    * Classification acc. to breeder assessement