FAO grain 260 | silage 270 | grain type 1


  • high and stable yields all over Europe
  • fast early vigor
  • impressive plant height
  • high starch content and quality


DANUBIO, bred in Austria, is a dual-use, flint type variety from the early to mid-early maturity range with outstanding perfomance all over Europe. The yields are high and stable due to its high stress tolerance in combination with high qualities. Its high environmental stability distinguishes DANUBIO as KLIMAFIT. Other characteristics worth mentioning are its good and fast early vigour in this maturity range. This in combination with its good cold tolerance makes DANUBIO a suitable variety also for humid areas. DANUBIO shows a massy habitus and high plant height with low suscepitbility to broken plants which ensures good silage and biogas performance. With its large grain and good ear healthiness it always delivers high starch contents and is also recommended as grain maize variety.

    Variety profile

    Helm. Turcicum
    7 high
    fusarium ear rot*
    4 low to medium
    stalk rot*
    3 low
    broken plant*
    2 very low to low
    early vigor*
    7 high (fast)
    cold tolerance*
    8 high to very high
    lodging resistance*
    4 low to medium
    early vigor
    plant height*
    8 high to very high
    Yield parameters
    grain yield*
    7 high
    dry matter yield*
    7 high

    Classification acc. to  AGES- the the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
    * Classification acc. to breeder assessement