6-row winter barley


  • high grain yield
  • high specific weight
  • excellent grain screening
  • very good lodging resistance


ADALINA achieves maximum yields combined with high quality. ADALINA is characterized by yield stability across all regions, which is due to the very early heading and early maturity. ADALINA’S agronomic profile is very good with a wide disease resistance spectrum, medium plant height, very good lodging resistance and good resistances to stem and ear breaking. ADALINA achieves excellent grain screening. The specific weight is high ranging around the same level as that of 2-row barley. Thanks to its high environmental stability, ADALINA was attributed the KLIMAFIT label.

    Variety profile

    powdery mildew*
    5 medium
    net blotch*
    5 medium
    6 medium to high
    ear breaking*
    4 low to medium
    4 early to medium
    lodging resistance*
    4 low to medium
    plant height*
    5 medium
    specific weight*
    6 medium to high
    screening > 2,5 mm*
    8 high to very high
    Yield parameters
    grain yield - humid areas*
    8 high to very high
    grain yield - dry areas*
    7 high

    Classification acc. to  AGES- the the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
    * Classification acc. to breeder assessement

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