‘Compulsory vaccination’ for soybeans

Vaccination (in an agricultural context more commonly known as inoculation) is not only a big topic in times of the Corona virus but also of great importance for soybean cultivation. SAATBAU LINZ has more than 30 years’ experience in this field and offers different inoculation formulas.

Generally speaking, the entire original seeds are treated with the FIX FERTIG inoculant. FIX FERTIG can be recognized by its green colour and is also licensed for organic agriculture. Once applied and if stored in a cool place, FIX FERTIG has a guaranteed life period of 10 weeks before the bacteria concentration starts to decline, i.e. it is effective until the end of May.


highly effective rhizobia for soybeans

There are naturally occurring stress situations, when FIX FERTIG reaches its limits. Under dry or very wet soil conditions, with cool soil temperatures or low pH values, the growth of nodules may be slow in soils where no soybeans have been grown in the past. This is where we recommend extra inoculation with TURBOSOY®, the premium inoculant. TURBOSOY® is the most efficient product for soybean inoculation on the market and can be applied both in conventional and organic agriculture.

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture has repeatedly confirmed yield increases of between 3 and 19 % compared to non-inoculated seeds. These yield increases are facilitated through an optimum bacterial composition on the one hand and a high concentration of active bacteria in combination with a special adhesive on the other. The effectiveness under optimum storage conditions is up to 20 days after application. This allows for flexibility in sowing, since inoculation can take place beforehand.

TURBOSOY® is available in package sizes for 100 kg or 1,000 kg soybean seeds. After opening the vacuum-sealed pack, product leftovers cannot be stored for use in the following year.

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How to use TURBOSOY

  • When treating small volumes: Spray soybean seeds with TURBOSOY® while gently revolving the seeds either in a mixer or mixing them by hand in a container.
  • Ensure good wetting but avoid excess mechanical treatment.
  • For larger volumes, equip a BigBag with a dosage feeder and spray the soybeans while they fall into a second BigBag placed underneath.
  • If you use a compulsory mixer, make sure you fill it gently (low drop heights), choose a low revolution speed, ensure sufficient distance of the stirrer to the wall, a short mixing duration and gentle evacuation.
  • Do not apply TURBOSOY® in the sowing machine itself – we recommend a minimum drying time of 6 hours.
  • Do not mix with fibrous gypsum since it dries up the product and thereby destroys the basis of bacterial life.
  • Inoculate the seeds in closed rooms (UV protection) and store at temperatures ranging between 4 °C and 20 °C.
  • Inoculated seeds must not be exposed to sunlight or heat.