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FAO grain 230 | silage 250 | grain type 3


  • early grain maize variety
  • high grain yields
  • very good agronomy
  • good and balanced healthiness


CONTENTO is a grain maize variety that achieves very high grain yields in the early to mid-early maturity range. CONTENTO features a good agronomic profile with very fast early vigour, good cold tolerance, a slightly shorter plant height, excellent lodging resistance and only marginal broken plants. Regarding resistances, its susceptibility to NCLB is on a low level, the resistances to stalk rot and common smut are well developed.

    Variety profile

    Helm. Turcicum*
    5 medium
    broken plant*
    3 low
    early vigor*
    8 high to very high
    cold tolerance*
    7 high
    lodging resistance*
    2 very low to low
    plant height*
    7 high
    Yield parameters
    grain yield*
    7 high
    dry matter yield*
    5 medium

    Classification acc. to  AGES- the the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
    * Classification acc. to breeder assessement